Young Adult (2011)

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“Everyone gets old. Not everyone grows up.”

- Young Adult

When I first saw the trailer to this film, it looked like a fun type of movie to see. So, I decided to check it out. I’m glad I did.

(Note: Before I go into the review, I will say that I really enjoy watching Charlize Theron on screen – she’s a very talented actress. In fact, I just recently saw another film she played in which she had a very strong performance and powerful role).

In any case, this film starts out very unconventional – it’s not your typical Hollywood type of movie. In actuality, it’s set more like an indie of film. The opening of the movie is not very fancy though it’s very honest. And, to be frank – that’s what I liked about it.

(Note: For those who have seen the movie, I was a bit surprised to see the opening credits and music play a bit after the film had started. Though, I did appreciate the honesty and realism depicted).

At the heart of it, this film is about growing up. It seems to be a “midlife crisis” type of movie where the main character, Mavis Gary (played by Charlize Theron), begins to reflect on her current life in search of her purpose. And, in doing so – she soon realizes the emptiness she’s feeling is due to the lack of purpose and meaning in her life.

So, she sets a course to find the answers by re-visiting her childhood town. In doing so, she begins to see all that she has missed out being away all these years. She starts comparing herself to others including her childhood friends which makes her feel more miserable.

As the days go by, she begins to see all that is missing in her life. And, she only sees that which she does not have which everyone else around her does. This results in causing her to go spiraling down as the film progresses causing her to finally hit rock bottom.

Though, after a series of mishaps and conversations with others who see the good in her and what she has accomplished – she slowly begins to realize all is not lost in the world. In a sense, the film really has a very positive spin on things even though her journey led her through many hardships she didn’t want to see.

(Note: Going into the film, I did read a few reviews citing it was a very dark movie. Though, after seeing it – I beg to disagree. It was actually a very enlightening picture which really makes you want to think about your own life and the meaning it has had for you so far).

At it’s core, this movie is really about growing up and realizing what life is all about. Though, before you can do this – you have to be a grown up yourself. And, that is the ironic part as some of her actions and behavior were a bit childish. In a sense, Mavis Gary was still a “young adult” until she grew up and realized her faults.

Overall, I really enjoyed the film. What I like about Charlize Theron is that she can play very different roles. At times, she can be very dramatic starring in more serious types of movies. On the other hand, she can also play more comedic roles being very funny and entertaining to watch, such as the case in this film.

If you’re looking for a very honest and entertaining film that explores the issues of the meaning of life and finding purpose, I do recommend this one.

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(Note: For those who have seen the movie, it would be great to hear your thoughts on it. Thanks for reading!)

Happy movie watching!

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5 Responses to “Young Adult (2011)”

  1. Karen says:

    One of my favorites of the year!

  2. Clarabela says:

    I missed that when it was in theaters. Maybe I will catch it when it goes to DVD. Thanks for the review.

    • filmgurl says:

      It’s definitely one of those films you can miss – a bit underrated like Up in the Air. After seeing the film, I was pleasantly surprised and entertained. I think it should be a good watch on DVD, hope you enjoy it too! :)

  3. Film says:

    This Film is Awesome. I like these new films( brides Maids, Bad Teacher) with female characters that are fearless and unorthodox.

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