The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

When I first saw the trailer to this film, I knew I had to see it. Being a Martin Scorsese fan, I had the utmost confidence it would not disappoint. And, guess what? I was right.

(Note: It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a Scorsese flick — the last one I saw was this film.)

At first glance, this movie is not typical of Scorsese. Now some folks may not like it. In all honesty, when I first saw the trailer I was a bit unsure of the style of the film. Though, it looked fun so I thought I’d give it a view — I’m glad I did.

The reason why this movie is a comedy/drama is mostly due in part to the book. Yes, this is based on a true story.

(Note: I’m currently reading the book. And, I have to say there are a lot of characters and different experiences. I personally commend Scorsese for tackling such a detailed story!)

Now I will say, this is not a movie for everyone. Some may be offended by the amount of drugs and sex in the film. Though, remember this is based on a true story to detail the extravagant lifestyle of the main character, Jordan Belfort (played by Leonardo DiCaprio).

With that being said, if you are easily offended by that sort of thing or have small children it may not be for you. This is definitely not a family type of movie.

Regarding the film itself, I think it has an interesting yet wild story to tell. Though it may sound over the top, it’s hard to imagine it being based on a true story. But, I guess that’s what makes it all the while unique — it tells the story of one person living their dream, not just imagining it.

In life, there are times that we may wonder if we took the path that we wanted — not the path that we needed or was chosen for us. And, that’s exactly the opposite of what this movie is about — it tells the tale of one person seizing the moment and pursuing opportunities, not just dreaming of them.

There’s something to admire about someone who knows what they want and stops at nothing to get it. Taking action to pursue the things you want makes you feel alive instead of just existing which is what many do in life. And, I think that is the point of the story.

Truth be told the main character, Jordan Belfort, did some illegal things and spent time in jail. But in the end, he experienced an incredible journey living life and pursuing the things he wanted most.

To say the least, not everyone can do or say this when looking back at their own lives. Many times opportunities are lost, dreams are forgotten and life becomes mere existence.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie very much. Having an element of comedy mixed in with drama really was a treat in itself. At times, I found myself laughing while other times I found myself at the edge of my seat wondering what would come next.

If you have an open mind and enjoy Scorsese movies, I definitely recommend this one.

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Happy movie watching!

(Note: For those who saw the movie and read the book, I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on how the two compare. I’m still reading the book and must say it comes very close to the movie.)

p.s. Feel free to leave comments on any post either here and/or my Facebook Page. Comments are always welcome, thanks for reading!

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