The September Issue (2009)

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“If fashion is a religion, VOGUE is the Bible.”

- The September Issue

Since I enjoyed the last documentary I saw on the subject of fashion, I decided to check this one out as well. And, let me tell you – it was definitely an interesting and thought provoking film.

Basically, this movie takes you behind the scenes (as did the last one I reviewed) of the fashion world. Though, this time – from the viewpoint of one of the most powerful women in fashion, Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of American Vogue.

To be honest, I did not know much about the fashion world before seeing these “behind the scenes” types of films. However, after watching them – I now can see how much influence fashion has had on society and our culture.

In a way – I guess there’s truth when we hear the saying “He or she is making a fashion statement.” To many, fashion is a way of life – a way to give identity to oneself and show the world oneself. It’s a way for individuals to be themselves and showcase who they are from the outside.

Getting back to the movie, it was just amazing to see how one woman, Anna Wintour, has so much power and klout in the fashion world. To see top designers and retail stores trying to cater to her every move and whim was just astonishing – it showed exactly how much power she has.

For those who saw this film, it is rumored that Meryl Streep’s character was based on the real life story of Anna Wintour. Whether it be true or not, I think this documentary attempts to really humanize Anna Wintour and her persona – it explains why she is the way she is.

(Note: For those who saw the film, you’ll know what I’m talking about. In a way, I thought the movie did a really good job of showing the other side of Anna Wintour – the human side).

Though, this movie is just not a story about Anna Wintour – it is a story about those who work with her as well. And, one of the characters I enjoyed seeing was Grace Coddington who seemed to be one of Wintour’s right hand people.

Now, Coddington has a very interesting story to tell (which I won’t ruin for those who have not seen the film) about how she got into the fashion world. She seems to be a very important asset to Vogue, which Wintours acknowledges at the end of the film.

It was interesting to see the dynamic between the two – very different people and many times with differing opinions. Though, both Wintour and Coddington possess talents and skills that are much needed to run and operate the magazine.

What I liked about Coddington’s character was the way it showed how much she cared – she is very much in a sense more humanized than Wintour. Though, there are some human characteristics that are portrayed of Wintour.

Coddington is much more one to work and bring people together to get the job done. While Wintour is one who mainly makes decisions based on the work done which Coddington supervises. To see the dynamic between the two is really quite interesting.

Overall, I did enjoy the film. It was very educational and entertaining as well. The movie gave a lot of insight into the fashion world from a “behind the scenes” perspective. I especially enjoyed watching the interaction between the characters and companies in the film. To see it all come together, really was a treat in itself.

If you have an interest in fashion and are in the mood for a documentary type of film, I do recommend this one.

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