The King’s Speech (2010)

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“Does the king do what he wants? Or, does he do what the people want him to do?”

- The King’s Speech

With all of the Oscar buzz in the air, I finally decided to check this film out. I’m glad I did.

Quite honestly, this was a film I had overlooked. I do remember seeing the trailer a few times, but did not give it much thought. That is, until I kept hearing so many rave reviews about it come Oscar time.

(Note: On a side note, this movie winning at the Oscars came as a surprise though I had not seen it yet. For me personally, both Inception and Black Swan were at the top of my list).

Before I go on, I’m going to warn you – this is more of a drama type of movie. And, if you’re looking for a film filled with action – this probably isn’t the best pick.

Though, it’s quite an intriguing film with an interesting story to tell. And, that is the story of King George VI, played by Colin Firth, and his predicament of being placed into power by nobility. And, consequentially having to face his “stutter” problem as the new King of England.

In the beginning of the movie, I found it quite interesting when his father (the prior King) said the following:

“The King used to just stand in front of the people. Now, we have to use radio and invade people’s homes.”

For me, I thought this was a very interesting and powerful statement – it showed and marked the changing times, a time where new technology was born. And, even the nobles had to use and implement new technology to communicate their ideas and message to the people. Very powerful.

This is a story that is both personal yet political at the same time. It takes on a lot of significant changes and issues throughout history as well as shows one man’s struggle with public speaking, something we can all relate to.

In uncertain times, this film depicted the power that words can have on the people from those who are in power. It was quite astonishing to see the footage relating to Adolf Hitler and his effect and rise to power in the movie.

It really showed the duty of those in power to really motivate and inspire the people during the worst of times. And, in the film – this was close to the second World War.

It was especially interesting to see Colin Firth’s perspective on himself as he took the position of the new King as he said:

“I am not a King. I’m a naval officer. It’s all I know.”

It’s almost as if he saw himself as “ordinary” and just human. And, in making this statement – it really brought the idea of nobility back down to earth.

Firth did a great job of playing King George VI as just an “ordinary” man placed in a King’s role. He would have never thought himself to be the King as it was planned for his older brother. Though, as fate would have it – this was not the case.

(Note: I don’t want to ruin the movie for those who have not seen it, but let’s just say it felt almost as if Firth’s character was presented as somewhat “ordinary” in the way he was portrayed. I found this quite interesting about the character and the film).

Overall, I enjoyed the movie very much. Though, since it is a period piece – it may not be for everyone. If you enjoy period pieces, I think you will enjoy this one – I highly recommend it.

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2 Responses to “The King’s Speech (2010)”

  1. rtm says:

    I adore this movie! I have a penchant for British period dramas so naturally I saw this ahead of award season and was rooting for it all the way through. I’m kinda glad a movie like this won best picture, it’s definitely one I’d watch many times over. I hadn’t been impressed w/ other Best Picture winners of late (especially last year’s) so it’s nice that they agreed w/ my pic for once.

    It truly showed the human side of a king… that no matter how high one’s position is in life, everyone struggles w/ something. All the performances were fantastic, too, definitely a winner in my eyes. Glad you enjoyed it, too.
    rtm recently posted..Weekend Roundup- Rockin’ w- Scott Pilgrim and Getting all Tangled upMy ComLuv Profile

    • filmgurl says:

      I definitely agree – showing the human side of royalty to the public was very rare before those days. This film kind of marked the turning point of communication and how governments communicate to their people. I found it fascinating how they showed how much of an affect radio had in communicating with the world.

      It’s weird as I guess I must have overlooked this one. I didn’t really look into it until I heard all of the Oscar buzz, glad I did!

      Thanks for your input, glad you enjoyed it too! :)

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