Brokedown Palace (1999)

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(Note: Every now and then, I enjoy watching films from the 90s. So, I’ve decided to start this new series “I Love the 90s” to highlight some of the films during that era. Enjoy!)

“They were young, fearless, and friends forever. Until a stranger came between them.”

- Brokedown Palace

From time to time, I get kind of nostalgic about certain time periods in history. And, I can honestly say without hesitation – the 90s is one of those time periods.

I guess the types of films I enjoy from this era are both thrillers (like this one) and generation type of films. And, let me tell you – this movie is definitely a thriller.

Before I continue with the review, I have to tell you – it was a real treat to see both Kate Beckinsale and Claire Danes in the earlier stages of their career here. Even at a young age, both these actresses did a terrific job – they both have evolved to be quite talented.

Now, I will say – this film is very 90s in it’s style and tone kind of like this movie. And, yes – it may seem a bit outdated (as compared to what we see today). But, the overall storyline is what I enjoyed most.

Basically, this film tells the story of two best friends who just got caught up in a bad situation without their knowledge. And, even worse- this all happened in a country foreign to them.

It really goes into the scenario of, “What if you were accused of a crime in a different country without even knowing exactly what you had done wrong?” And, the scary part is – you don’t even speak the language and know the laws.

In fact, the laws of your own country may not apply in the foreign country. And, what you know in your own country to be certain rights may not necessarily be true in the foreign country, In essence, you may not even have quite as near or even any rights at all – that is a scary thought.

(Note: For those who have seen the movie, you’ll know what I’m talking about).

Regarding the story, this is one of those films where the story slowly unfolds. It’s told in true storytelling fashion where the narrator looks back to tell this tale and share with the audience their experience and what they went through during this point of time in their life.

And, in telling the story – you really need to pay attention to small details as they come up in the later parts of the movie. Going back, had I not been watching carefully and had my full attention – I may have missed these details that were later brought up.

In essence, this film is really an eye opener – it shows us how much of a bubble we really live in. Going outside and beyond what we are used to seeing everyday, can truly change a person’s perspective on life and on the world. And, in sharing this experience – it did just that for the narrator.

It also shows how little we may know about other cultures and societies beyond what we know back home. Sometimes the way things are done at home may not necessarily be done the same way in a foreign country and vice versa. And, it just goes to show how sometimes we can take things we are used to (such as certain freedoms and rights) for granted.

However, if we take the time to study other cultures and societies and learn their ways – it may just give us hope. In studying what is foreign to us, we are equipped with the knowledge needed to be able to learn to work within a system with a different set of rules.

Though, in studying these rules – it may just give us hope and help us to find a way out. And, in this movie – it did just that.

It showed the power of applying oneself to find a way out despite the odds. Though, it did involve sacrifice. And, in doing that it was the highest sacrifice one could offer – ones life in exchange for the freedom of another.

Overall, I really enjoyed this film. It really showed how sometimes we can be too sheltered in the type of society we live in that we forget there are others that may be different than ours. And, in studying other cultures and societies – it makes us more aware and less ignorant.

If you’re in the mood for a 90s thriller type of movie, I do recommend this one.

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Happy movie watching!

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2 Responses to “Brokedown Palace (1999)”

  1. GREAT movie! One of beckinsale’s best. you mention some good points here, including paying attention to the small details. very good movie, and deserves several watches.
    Candice Frederick recently posted..10 Things You Need to Know About Scre4mMy ComLuv Profile

    • filmgurl says:

      Thanks, I’m glad you liked it too! I miss these 90s films – both the thrillers and generation type pieces. To be honest, I just don’t see much of these types of films anymore. But, I guess that’s why I come back to view these movies – it’s definitely a trip down memory lane and a blast from the past! :)

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