Bill Cunningham New York (2010)

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Recently, I had the chance to watch this documentary film based on the famous New York Times photographer, Bill Cunningham. And, let me just say – it was a different kind of movie. It’s a movie about one man’s life work and quest to capture the most interesting and unique fashion trends the world has ever seen.

It was very interesting to witness Cunningham’s life and daily work routine behind the scenes. Sometimes we do not think about how stories are actually told and put together. Usually, we just read what is told to us and view the pictures that are presented.

However, in this movie – I learned there is an art to putting all the pieces (aka the pictures) together. And, it is an art that has been mastered and carefully told over a lifetime by Bill Cunningham.

Apart from seeing his day to day work, what really intrigued me about this movie was witnessing Cunningham’s passion and drive for his work. Over and over again, he continues his quest to find the most unique and interesting fashion trends the world has ever seen. And, this is not just done on the runway. No. It’s done right on the streets of New York – this is where he says it all happens.

Though, the film does not limit itself. It takes us with Cunningham to his ultimate quest in his fashion search – Paris. Yes, this is the very center of the fashion world. And, many unique pieces (as well as characters) we did see.

Speaking of characters, the film does go to show Cunningham’s social circle of very well known socialites of high society, world renown models, and many famous names in entertainment. But apart from all of the glitz and the glamour, it also shows his real, normal life to show what life is like when he is off the clock.

In addition, the movie also introduces us to some of his colleagues – many who are also world renown photographers themselves. In a way, it really shows the culture behind the work and it’s circle of influence.

Overall, I really enjoyed the movie. It’s definitely a film for those who enjoy biographical and documentary type of films. To be honest, I don’t think this film is just for those who enjoy the fashion world. It’s an entertaining movie for anyone interested in seeing the behind the scenes of one’s life work.

If you’re in the mood for a documentary and biographical type movie, I do recommend this one.

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